Your wedding will be one of the most important events of your life. My unique approach to special occasion photography keeps this fact in mind.
I have covered over a hundred weddings since 1994, and because I am a professional photojournalist by trade, I prefer to shoot weddings as high-profile news events. Behind every ‘I do,’ I see a unique story waiting to be told, and it is my goal to capture the moments at the heart of your story.
After working with dozens of brides and meeting the diverse needs of engaged couples, I have developed a headache-free, four-point approach to wedding photography that is quite unconventional in today’s market.The four tenets of my philosophy are: candid, journalism-style images; full-day coverage; full user rights to images; and easy-to-understand pricing.
A happy couple should be confident in their photographer and know exactly what they are getting. Below is a more detailed explanation of my philosophy.
Candid Photography Style:
As a professional photojournalist, I offer a photo style that combines candid moments and traditional posed portraiture. This means I cover the traditional group photos of the couple, wedding party, families, friends and other guests. But feedback from many of the couples I have worked with indicate that many of your favorite wedding memories occur when you are not aware of the camera, such as a bride gazing at an heirloom ring on her finger in a moment to herself before the ceremony, close-ups of Dad as he tries to keep a stiff upper lip walking down the aisle, and a family member’s fleeting reminiscent expression as she watches the couple’s first dance.
My eye has been refined by 15 years of photojournalism to catch these moments. As time goes by and your actual memories fade, you’ll be able to open your album and recall the myriad small moments that made your big day. You’ll be able to remember how your families, friends, and loved ones got all dressed up and came out to support you — smiling, hugging, and sharing your joy.
Full-day Coverage:
The last thing a bride and groom should be doing on the biggest day of their life is looking at their watches, worrying that the photographer will leave after a specified time, or having to negotiate the extra cost of getting him to stay. That is why I believe in staying until the last of the rice has been thrown, the last congratulations have been offered, and the couple has departed into their happily ever after. For wedding days that include a ceremony and celebration, I offer my coverage all day as a matter of principle.
Full User Rights of Images:
I see your wedding pictures as yours. You own a master disc of digital, high-resolution images to duplicate and print as you please. My contract includes written permission for you to make as many copies as you need for friends and family. From the high-resolution images, print any size and quantity to suit your needs at the lab of your choice. Your printing costs are determined by you, and you no longer have to contact the photographer for reprint permission or extra prints. In the age of digital photography, I do not believe in selling people prints by showing them photos with “Copyright Limitation” stamped all over them.
Easy-to-Understand Pricing:
Since I do not sell prints or packages, I believe that compensation for my services should be simple, straightforward, and easy-to-understand. I charge standard sitting fees for engagement photos, bridal portraits and wedding day coverage. I do not charge an hourly rate or attach a bunch of separate fees, and the standard fees also include a disc of high-resolution images that are completely print-ready. You can find a more detailed fee list in the wedding section of this site.
Thank you for your interest. To see samples of my work, I invite you to view the special occasion and portrait photography galleries on this site.